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I love a good mystery

Among Thieves by David Hosp, although fiction, was inspired by the true story of  the “biggest art theft of the twentieth century,” and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

There is a connection with the IRA (Irish Republic Army), criminals in the Boston area, lawyer Scott Finn and his partners.  The Daily Telegraph writes that “Hosp is a born storyteller, a master of quirky character and detail who enthralls through the simple, but elusive, expedient of never seeming to write a dull sentence.”

How true!

One paragraph from the book:

Patriots’ Day, which marks the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, is celebrated only in Boston.  It’s one of three smug local holidays intended to remind an indifferent world of Boston’s place in American history.  For all the city’s parochial pride, however,  few Americans would have heard of Lexington and Concord were it not for Schoolhouse Rock.  Even worse, few Bostonians have any idea what Patriots’ Day is intended to celebrate.  They do know, though, that it means an extra day off, and it’s the day on which the Boston Marathon is run every year.  It’s also a day the Boston Red Sox play a special morning game at Fenway Park.  The holiday causes mayhem in the city, as people line the streets early, and the bars are packed by midmorning.


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