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My Coslet(t) Heritage

My earliest known Coslet(t) ancestor is Jacob COSLET (1772?-1835?)

Jacob COSLET (1772?-1835?).

Born 1772 (about)  in  Pennsylvania  probably in Cumberland County.  Jacob was Welsh but I don’t believe he was born in Wales; not certain when his parents came to the colonies.

Married (I don’t know the name of his wife) 1795 (approximately).

Died 1835 (approximately)        Indiana

from Common Welsh Names:

Coslett – arrived in Wales c. 1568 with a man name Corslett an iron smith. Cosslett.

The Surnames of Wales by John & Sheila Rowlands  Federation of Family

History Society Publications  1996

“COSLETT This name’s arrival in Wales can be dated to ca 1568  when a man named Corslett was brought over from Westphalia to work for the Mineral and Battery Company  whose owners Schultz and Humphey had a license from the Queen to make iron wire. Corslett was a smith skilled in making osmond iron  a soft iron need (sic) for wire making  and he worked at the forge at Monkswood  near Usk  Monmouthshire and then was sent to Tintern. His descendant George Corslett was born ca 1569 and is named (spelt Coslett) in a list of deponents as a finer of osmond iron in an action between Hanbury and the Exchequer in 1596. Parish records show many Cosletts working at the Machen and Trevethin  forges from late 17c to early 19c. They are concentrated in the area  bounded by Cardiff  Caerphilly  Trevethin and Newport up to the mid 19th century and have a strong connection with the metal industries  though some were coal mining  agriculture  innkeeping and general trade. The IGI before 1850 shows virtually no examples anywhere else in the UK  with the exception of London. The spellings Coslett and Corslett are common  while Corslett can still be found in 19th century records.  Patronyms are entirely absent  but one or two 19th century cases of Coslett occur (DWB). Even today this surname is to be found mainly in Gwent and  Glamorgan (see TD).

DWB=Jenkins (ed) Dictionary of Welsh Biography Down to 1940

TD=Telephone Directory

Isaac COSLET (1816-1837)

Born 4 Oct 1816  in  Ohio

Married Susan JENNINGS 15 May 1837  in  Vermillion County,  Indiana

Died 4 October 1899 in Atchison County, Missouri and is buried in unmarked graves in Lot 87, C-2 in the Osborn Cemetery, DeKalb County, Missouri.

Buried  in Osborn Cemetery,  DeKalb,  Missouri

He obtained a marriage license May 15,  1837 and was married a short time later.

Sp. Susan JENNINGS (1820-1906) daughter of Simeon JENNINGS (after 1780-before 1840) and Nancy WATKINS (1790-1844)

1.8.2  David COSLET (1842-1917)

Born 10 Jun, 1842    Terre Haute,    Indiana   Married Sarah Elizabeth BUTLER 9 Jan, 1868    Tuscola,  Douglas County,  Illinois

Died 10 Dec, 1917,    Claremore,  Rogers County,   Oklahoma

Buried Woodlawn Cemetery,  Claremore,  Rogers County,  Oklahoma




I  Jack A. Allen, County Clerk in and for the said County in the State aforesaid  DO HEREBY CERTIFY THAT Mr. David Coslett age NA years and Miss Sarah E. Butler age NA years were united in Marriage at NA in the said County in the State aforesaid on the 9th day of January  A.D.  1868  by George Houk  a Justice of the Peace as the same appears of record in my office.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF  I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Official Seal of said County  this 7th day of April A.D. 1982.

Jack A. Allen  County Clerk

Reg. 1  page 113


David Coslett  born in Vermillion County  Ind.  the 10th day of June  1842  died at his home on East Second street  at 5:30 p.m. Monday  December 10  1917.  Married Sarah E. Butler  Vermillion county  Ind.  Jan. 9,  1868.  Born to them 12 children  including two pairs of twins  nine of which are now living.  Mr. Coslett and wife joined the Christian church and were baptized in the year of 1886.  They have made their home in Claremore for the past five years  a great part of which time Mr. Coslett has been in ill health. The end came after a stubborn illness which finally claimed his life.  The deceased leaves to mourn his loss an aged wife and nine children.

Funeral services were held from the family residence Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Interment was made in Woodlawn cemetery.

Sp. Sarah Elizabeth BUTLER (1848- ) dau. of Beckwith BUTLER (b.1824  bur.1886) and Malinda SMALLWOOD (1824-1884) [3919].

David Coslett and Sarah Elizabeth Butler had several children.  My ancestor was  Isaac Ross Coslett, Sr. who was born October 21, 1881 in Arcola, Douglas County, Illinois.  He married Mary Myrtle Troth (1894-1938), daughter of Darius Brittain Troth and Susie Elizabeth Glenn.

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  2. Isaac Coslet
    I have a date of birth as 10 April 1816, date of death as 4 December 1899 and date of marriage to Susan Jennings as 15 May 1837. I agree your listed date of birth as 4 October 1816 is possible but could the date of death possibly be the same as date of marriage? I cannot locate any information on Osborn Cemetery in Missouri so I cannot verify if my date of death is correct but I do show Isaac and Susan with 9 children, the last being born in 1863, so I will presume Isaac died after that date. I have yet to find any military records on Isaac so that is still left open.
    Please let me know what you can find.
    Thank you, Lyn Smallwood Smith

  3. Thank you for catching this error, Lyn! Indeed, I had date of marriage and date of death the same. Isaac died October 4, 1899 in Atchison County, Missouri. I need to correct my post.

  4. Thank you for getting back so quickly. I have corrected the month of death for my records and added the County.
    May I add that I’m glad I ran across your website as I’ve discovered we have several connections. I really like to have information such as yours to cross reference with mine. I’m constantly adding or deleting as I discover information or that information is incorrect.
    Thank you for taking the time to make these postings.

  5. Lyn – I so appreciate you noting my mistake regarding Isaac Coslet(t). Thank you!

    Actually, I knew so little about my Welsh Coslet(t) ancestry until after my father died – and now, it seems as though I can’t stop trying to learn more!

    Thanks again.


    • No problem. I, too, am still learning about my heritage. I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. I started at the library, checking with my grandparents as I went and now I do most of my research online. Unfortunately, most of the folks I could speak with have passed on, so I rely on common sense and folks such as yourself to keep me in check.
      This is a passion of mine and I don’t know if I ever will complete it to my satisfaction. I pray one day I will have my work on Ancestry printed for my records but I am always running into something that keeps me searching. I should have a line drawn but I can’t seem to get that far.
      By the way, I found this this morning and meant to send it to you but time slips by. Check this out and see what you think:
      Subject: Children of Rachel SOUDER and John COST are:
      i. Jonathan S COST was born 1820 in Ohio.
      He married Sarah COSLER 31 DEC 1838 in Greene County, Ohio, daughter of Jacob COSLER and Susannah HEFFLEY. She was born 30 DEC 1820 in Greene Co, Ohio.
      Also, there is a record in The Gateway to the West, Vol 1;page 530 complied by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short.Greene County marriages 1815-1818.
      This volume states Jacob Closser married Susanna Heffley 2 January 1817. That Closser could be Closett but I’m still concerned about the marriage date as Isaac was born in 1816.
      Let me know your thoughts when you get a minute.
      Thanks, Lyn


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