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simple – and tried and true – recipe

I’ve been making this simple recipe for fifty years (give or take a few months).  My mother was an extraordinarily good (read: GOOOOOD) cook (as were her sisters – and is my sister).  I was rarely in the kitchen during my ‘growing up’ years for my mother did it all – and she preferred to do it.

Now, that I have come to love cooking (and trying new recipes), I know why she liked to be alone in the kitchen.  When I’m cooking, I don’t want any help (unless DH offers to do some of the chopping/dicing, etc.  then – I welcome him into the kitchen).

This very simple corn casserole was one of the two or three dishes  I cooked that first year of marriage (all I COULD cook!) and we still love it.  It is extremely simple to make and delicious to eat.  My mom made it; her mother-in-law gave her the recipe (only six ingredients!).

Simple recipe.

Good food.

Ordinary pleasures.

And chock-full of family memories.

Mama’s Corn Casserole

1 cup corn

1 cup cracker crumbs

1 1/2 cups milk

2 eggs

1 green pepper

4 slices of bacon

Mix corn, cracker crumbs, milk and egg yolks.  Cut green pepper in small pieces, brown in small amount of butter, add to mixture {sometimes I brown the pepper and sometimes I don’t}.

Add stiffly beaten egg whites, season with salt and pepper.   Pour into greased baking dish.  Lay bacon over top, bake in moderate oven 40 minutes.

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